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Police offer tips for safer shopping

The Hazlehurst Police Department urges shoppers to take a few simple precautions to stay safe during the holiday season. Criminals are constantly surveying the environment for an opportunity to commit crimes.

Put the following simple tips into practice to reduce the opportunity for you to become a crime victim, suggests Chief Byron Swilley.

1. Try parking in a lighted area.

2. Make sure you lock your vehicle.

3. Be aware of your surroundings.

4. Don’t leave valuable items in plain view.

5. Don’t forget your purse inside your shopping cart.

6. Have your keys available before making it to your vehicle.

7. If you carry a purse keep it close to your side.

8. Don’t leave your vehicle running while you go inside a store.

9. If you feel vulnerable, ask store personnel to escort you to your car.

10. Travel in groups.

11. Be suspicious of subjects asking for directions or any other distraction methods to divert your attention.

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