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Remember to keep trash, litter out of sight

Homes with decorations throughout Copiah County are lighting up the evenings and giving us plenty of opportunities to get out and sight-see. Many of our old favorites are back again this year–perhaps with a new twist–along with several first-timers who are highly creative and motivated.

It brings to mind just how beautiful our landscapes are in Copiah County when people take care of what we have. Around this time of year people seem to be more cognizant of the need to put trash and litter in the proper place, so as not to ruin someone else’s fine work. Why not carry over this fervor into the next season and into our daily lives, pausing for only a few seconds to put waste where it is supposed to go and not throw it on our roadways as we drive.

Let’s remember, too, that on the days when the garbage trucks come around, that placing our household garbage in sealed containers near the roadway discourages animals from scattering even more litter around yards and alongside our streets and roads. A little investment in a sturdy metal or plastic garbage can goes a long way towards keeping our environment beautiful not only for us everyday residents, but also for those who are travelling through our communities. Beyond that, it shows that Copiahians take pride in our communities, ourselves and that we regard our high standard of living as important to future generations.

So, during this holiday season and throughout the rest of the year, take a few minutes each day to keep litter and trash out of sight and put in the proper place. Help a neighbor who may be a little less appreciative of a clean environment by encouraging them to pick up and place properly, too.

Christmas is an absolutely beautiful season in so many ways in Copiah County. Get out and enjoy it!
Joe Buck Coates

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