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Fire safety reminders

Safe at Home – Preventing Fires in Mississippi reminds you to…

Keep Your Family Safe and Warm

• As cooler weather approaches, be sure to use your space heaters and electric heaters cautiously. Move heaters away from drapes or other objects that can catch fire to reduce the risk of potential fires. Turn heaters off when you are not in the room and when you are sleeping.

Take Care While Cooking

• When preparing meals in your home, never walk away from a pan or pot cooking on the stove. Use extra care when kids are in the house. Move towels, potholders, and other items that can catch fire away from the stove.

Don’t Mix Snoozing and Smoking  

• Smoking while you are laying down on the couch or in bed can be dangerous. Avoid smoking when you are sleepy so that you do not drop a lit cigarette onto the couch, chair, or sheets where a fire can start. Alcohol and certain medications can make you sleepy, so be extra careful if you combine smoking with drinking and medicines.

Check Your Smoke Alarm

• It is important to check your smoke alarm batteries twice each year to make sure they are in good working order. In case of a fire, a smoke alarm can be your first line of defense to warn you about danger.

Have an Escape Plan

• In case of fire, have a plan to escape your home. Practice your plan with everyone who lives with you. Choose a place to meet outside so that you know where everyone is. Get out of a burning building before you call 911.

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Safe at Home — Preventing Fires in Mississippi is a project of the National Fire Protection Association

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