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Louisiana youth injured in hunting accident

Copiah County law enforcement authorities reported that a 14 year old Lousiana youth suffered a gunshot wound in a Thursday afternoon hunting accident.

Tony Hemphill, Chief Deputy of the Copiah County Sheriff’s Department, said that the young hunter was injured when he and his friend, also from Louisiana, were preparing to go deer hunting that afternoon. A shot was discharged from the gun while the boy’s friend was “either loading or unloading what appears to be a .30-06 automatic rifle” according to Hemphill, striking the victim in the left leg.

The incident occurred in the Sumrall Road area of Copiah County, near Crystal Springs. The youth was taken to University hospital where he was in stable condition Friday afternoon, and no charges will be filed, according to Hemphill.

“It was just a bad accident that could have been worse,” Hemphill said.  He reminded all adult hunters to make sure that younger, less experienced hunters are properly trained in firearm and hunting safety, and to strictly supervise all hunts involving teenagers and pre-teens.

“Our county attracts hunters from all over, and unfortunately, accidents can and do happen.  But, they are preventable with proper training and experience,” Hemphill said.

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