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Weary school board must be wary of vote for next superintendent

Undoubtedly, the members of the city schools’ Board of Trustees are weary of the process after roughly two years of interviewing candidates for the position of superintendent of the schools.  Two interim hires have done fairly well conducting the day-to-day business of the schools in the district in the mean time.  The time is near that the board will have to make a decision on a permanent superintendent, aided by the board’s contract with the Mississippi School Board Association, who has done the legwork for the district and presented the board with several options.

Although the candidates’ names have not been made public, yet, as of Tuesday evening the interviews were to have been concluded by the board.  Almost certainly, each board member has been convicted in his heart for whom to cast a vote or whether to keep searching for better candidates.

Either way, the board members need to take heed of the work done by the MSBA–for which the district paid several thousand dollars–when casting their votes.  Children can sense when something is not right.  For the past several years, the district has been bruised and battered on several fronts, thusly dropping all the schools to Level 2 and on the state’s watch list.  This vote should be taken with that strongly in mind, and with an eye toward getting Hazlehurst schools out of the doldrums of failure and into the state of euphoria that comes with success.

Joe Buck Coates

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