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Wesson aldermen make personnel changes

 Wesson Mayor Alton Shaw announced the termination of part-time policeman Jim Hampton after a lengthy executive session, which was called to discuss personnel matters, during Tuesday night’s meeting of the town’s Board of Aldermen.

Then, in open session near the end of the meeting, the board voted to bring back a former part-time employee as a seasonal worker to aid the Street Department with cutting grass and keeping town-owned areas in good order.


Wesson aldermen also voted to cash in a CD, worth about $75,000, to make the last payment on a long-term debt.

Some 17 years ago, the town was charged with paying for the debt on a water well that was shut down when the Potter Company contamination episode was concluding.  When a new water well was commissioned on Sylvarena Road, the old one was closed, but the debt on the old well remained, with the town picking up the tab. The town has been paying about $4,300 per month at 5% interest since.

Now in the final year of repayment and owing about $54,000, Shaw, at the urging of the town’s auditor, recommended that the CD be cash out.  On a voice vote of 5-0, the aldermen approved the measure.  Wesson can now rid itself of the debt without incurring an early withdrawal penalty on the CD, saving the interest on the note.

Lura Greer, who has been on the board since the Potter episode, said that “it will be good not to have to pay that note each month.”


The board heard a request from a local property owner who wishes to develop his property in western Wesson to re-open New Street, which has been closed for several years.  The property is located on Wells Street near Wooden Street.

Alderman Bobby Britt stated that new development in Wesson leads to an increased tax base, and that the town could view it as an investment. 

After further discussion the board voted 5-0 to open the street pending a public hearing, and will send letters of notification to adjacent property owners.  The hearing will be held at the next board meeting in April, during which the board will consider adjacent residents’ comments.


  • A resolution to comply with a CDBG grant application was approved.
  • A motion to amend the budget by $25,000 under Capital Improvements was approved.
  • Claims for February were altered to add the cost of cleaning and repairing a home which was flooded with sewage after the Water Department attempted to remedy a clogged sewer line that back-flowed into the house and damaged floors, walls, carpet and other items in the home. 
  • No action was taken on a request by the Delphin group to upgrade the town’s human resource program.
  • The annual compilation completed by auditors was ‘clean’ and, therefore, accepted by the board.
  • A resolution backing the MML in a dispute over HB 2755 was approved.
  • February minutes were approved with no changes

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Wesson Board of Aldermen is on April 1 at 7:00 p.m.  Area residents are encouraged to attend and participate in the matters of their town.

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