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Courthouse renovations on schedule

Paint has been stripped to reveal the wood beneath, restoring the courtroom closer to its condition in 1902 when the courthouse was built.

Visitors to the Copiah County Courthouse will soon have a view all the way to the dome from the ground floor, as the structure was originally designed.

The view looking down from the third floor

HISTORIC RENOVATION – Contractors T.A. “Bubba” Huntington and David Huntington with county administrator Ronnie Barlow take a look at the progress made in the renovation of the historic Copiah County Courthouse.

The renovation project on the second and third floor of the Copiah County Courthouse is progressing smoothly, according to the contractors, Huntington Lumber Company, Inc.

The appearance of the courtroom will change dramatically, as the old paint has been stripped away to reveal the natural wood beneath, returning portions of the structure back to its original decor.

A hole has been cut in the third floor, as shown below, which will eventually open up the view into the dome all the way from the ground floor, restoring the courthouse closer to its original construction.

The renovations are on schedule with no major problems encountered so far, just a few minor things that are typical of work on such an historic structure, contractor David Huntington reports. The project is scheduled to be substantially complete July 1.

Most of subcontractors and employees working on the project live in Copiah County, Huntington noted, “a fact of which I am very proud,” he added.

The Department of Archives and History has been involved with the project from the beginning, working with architect Carl Nobles on the  details of the project to preserve the historic integrity of the 1902 structure.

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