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Republican convention this Saturday

Republicans to hold precinct

caususes and county convention


Alton Funchess, chairman of the Copiah County Republican Party, invites all interested Republican voters to participate in their precinct caucuses at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 26.

The caucuses will be held at the voter’s usual voting place and every registered voter who considers themselves to be a member of the Republican Party may attend and participate.

The number of delegates to be elected to the county convention at each precinct shall be one delegate and one alternate delegate. A credentials committee will be appointed to accept the delegate credentials on arrival at the county convention. Only delegates and alternates substitution for delegates may vote on matters that come before the convention. No proxies are allowed and no delegate may cast more than one vote on each issue.

County Convention.

The county convention will convene at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 26 at the Hazlehurst Police Facility located at 202 East Whitworth Street. The convention will elect three executive members from each county supervisors’ district and three delegates and three alternate delegates to the state convention.

State Convention

The state convention will convene at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 10 at the Regency Hotel in Jackson. The county convention will then adjourn and the newly elected county executive committee will meet to elect its officers and also select three additional executive members from the county at large.

The executive committee may also elect additional members up to a minimum of 36 if it desires. Elected members serve on the executive committee for four year terms.

National Convention

The Republican National Convention will convene on September 1-9 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Any Mississippi voter who considers themselves a member of the Republican Party is eligible to run for election as a delegate or alternate delegate. There are 39 delegates and 36 alternate delegate positions to the national convention. Filing deadline for statement of candidacy is May 5. Contact the Mississippi Republican Party headquarters at P. O. Box 60, Jackson, MS 39205 for call 601-948-5191 for further information.

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