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Hazlehurst baseball team needs games

A Hazlehurst baseball team composed of 13-16 year olds is in need of games for the summer.

Organizers Fitzgerald and Jeremy McKenzie said that they are getting between 12 and 15 participants at practice, but so far have not been able to play any games.

“The kids are enjoying practice, but we’ve not played any games in four weeks.  They are getting a little anxious,” Fitzgerald McKenzie said.

Jeremy McKenzie explained that the program is not only a community need, but will help fuel the direction of HHS Indian baseball in the future.

“We’ve been struggling for years on the baseball field, and this will help our younger players get better preparation for competition,” Jeremy said.

Teams wanting to play Hazlehurst need to call head coach Earl Collins (601-894-2240), assistant coach Jerry McKenzie (601-260-7990), Jeremy (601-754-5337) or Fitzgerald (601-754-7030.)

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