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Curfew enforced, parents warned

Parents take note. If your child is on the streets of Hazlehurst after curfew, YOU will face charges.

The city curfew will be strictly enforced over the summer, warns Hazlehurst Police Chief Byron Swilley. The curfew is 10 p.m.  Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday for everyone under 18 years old.

“If a juvenile is out after curfew, parents will be charged,” said Chief Swilley.

Now that school is out, juveniles should know that if they are wandering around town with a book sack without a clear reason for it (such as a change of clothes at the swimming pool) the book bags will be subject to search, according to Chief Swilley.

Young people are encouraged to visit the city swimming pool during the hot summer days for a cooling swim, but Chief Swilley warns the pool is not meant to be a hangout for those who do not intend to swim.

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