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School board concerned over cell phone, uniform problems

The Copiah County School Board in its regular session July 7 expressed concern over cell phone use in the schools by students at any time and by faculty during instructional hours.

The discussion came while the board was reviewing teacher handbooks, student handbooks and safety plans for Crystal Springs Elementary, Crystal Spring High School and Crystal Springs Middle School. Wesson’s handbooks and safety plans had been approved at a previous meeting.

The student handbooks prohibit students having cell phones at school and provide penalties. The board expressed its desire that teachers refrain from cell phone use and text messaging during instructional hours.

Concern was expressed about some families finding it difficult to provide uniforms when laundry equipment breaks down or children grow several sizes during a school year requiring purchase of several sets of uniforms during the year. It is district policy that uniforms be used but individual school administrations can choose to come out from under the policy.

Other Matters

The contract for paving of a portion of the Wesson school campus was awarded to the low bidder, Blain Sand & Gravel for $69,850.

Three student transfers were approved, two of which were mandated by state law as dependents of faculty at out of district schools.

Resignations were received from Vicki Olier, Leslie Craft, Gladys Hillard and Angela Jones.

Employed were Stephanie Twiner CSES teacher, Tanisha Temple CSES teacher, Sonya Barnes CSMS teacher, Morica Crisler CSMS teacher, Twylah Davis CSMS teacher, Erick Jackson CSMS teacher, Krispen Williams CSMS teacher, Eric James CSHS teacher, Andrea Mozee CSHS teacher, Jon Brown WAC summer custodial and Daphne Smith WAC summer worker.

A roster of part-time certified staff and non-certified staff was also approved.

One year licenses were requested for Teresa Calloway CSMS elementary education and Nonya Thrasher CSMS elementary education.

Monthly salary for Air Force Junior ROTC instructors were set as mandated under the program.

Travel authorization was given for two district employees. Minimum wage adjustments were made were necessary.

Board policy on copyrighted material and Title I parent involvement was approved.

Advertisement for fuel for transportation and frozen fruit juice was authorized.

The district was authorized to purchase a used wrecker to replace the present unit pending state department of education approval.

Pat Lowery and Associates’ contract to provide audit services to the district was approved.

FY 09 IDEIA part B and Preschool Project Application and Statement of Assurances involving over $550,000 in funding were approved.

The Bruckner School Picture contract for CSES was approved.

Teacher Handbooks, Student Handbooks and Safety plans for CSE, CSHS and CSMS were approved.

No bids were received on surplus fixed assets and the material was authorized removed from school premises.

The board authorized advertisement for hunting and fishing lease on Section 16 2N 3W.

The upcoming election of the Copiah County School District 5 board member was announced with qualification period open August 1 and closed September 1 for the November 4 election day. Details about qualification can be obtained from the Copiah County Circuit Clerk. Those interested should note that configuration of the School Board Districts bears no relationship to supervisor districts.

The school district budget will be considered at the August meeting. Superintendent Clopton noted that even with transportation fuel at record high cost, the increase in electrical service cost to the district is expected to exceed the increase in transportation fuel cost during the next year.

The board adjourned after approval of loans, transfers and claims.

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