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Courier announces Super 7

The Copiah County Courier in conjunction with local area high school coaches are proud to announce the Copiah County Super 7.  These 7 individuals play unique roles on their respective squads and are being honored for their accomplishments to date and for the expectations of this coming year.

The Super 7 is followed by a list of “players to watch” for the upcoming season to assure you that you are well informed on the talent in this area.

The Super 7 are as follows:

  • Joseph Bonner, #63, OT, C, DT, OG, Hazlehurst.  This mountain of a football player is a true D-1 prospect, one of many that have come from the Indians in recent years.  He will keep the QB’s protected and open up gaping holes for the stable of quick Indian RB’s.  Bonner vs. Crystal Springs’ Oscar Johnson, Jr., will be an epic battle on Halloween night.

  • Ben Boone #12, QB/DB, Copiah Academy. A hard-nosed talented player with the skill set to lead the Colonels week in and week out.  “Ben is a solid experienced football player who is a three year starter for us,” stated Copiah head coach Scotty Cline.  “He will be new to QB this year but we expect him to adjust well.”

  • John Craft #9, QB/LB, Wesson.  A fiery leader for the Cobra offense with a gritty persona that radiates through the huddle.  Starter for the Cobras at the QB position last year leading the Cobras to a playoff appearance.

  • Fred Fuller #21, RB, Hazlehurst.  Could possibly be the best of the best in the backfields in Copiah County this year.  Expected to rack up huge numbers in coach Todd McDaniel’s first year at the helm and provide leadership for a playoff run.  Division I talent.
  • Bryce Guess #4, RB/LB, Copiah Academy.  A warrior for the Colonels defense who looks for contact anywhere it can be found.  “Bryce is a three year starter that gets better every year,” stated Cline.  “He is very aggressive and we expect big things from Bryce.”

  • Dominique Johnson #75, OL/DL, Wesson.  A physical football player that blows people off the ball in Wesson head coach Tommy Clopton’s veer scheme.  A player who needs to lead the young Wesson squad after already setting an example in style of play.  

  • Oscar Johnson, Jr. #50, OL/DL, Crystal Springs.  A monster at 6’5” 360 pounds, Johnson is a certified Division I prospect.  He mauls opponents for the Tigers and head coach David Virgil.  “We expect to see this young man playing on Sunday one day,” stated Virgil.

Other players to watch…

  • Rob Pyron, CA
  • Cullen Gentry, CA
  • Jeremy Greer, CA
  • Zach Williams, Wesson
  • Jeromy Smith, Wesson
  • Chris Fink, Wesson
  • Matt S. Smith, Wesson
  • Kris Williams, Hazlehurst
  • Maurice Mixon, Hazlehurst
  • Rashad Alton, Hazlehurst
  • Ronald Fair, Hazlehurst
  • Jamilson Gordon, Hazlehurst
  • Courtney Maxwell, Hazlehurst
  • Arthur Benson, Crystal Springs
  • Dequel Whitfield, Crystal Springs

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