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VFD’s complete First Responder training

CAN SAVE LIVES – Volunteers from several area VFD’s work in a real-life scenario to free two victims from a motor vehicle accident involving alchohol during a training exercise in Wesson recently. All county VFD’s now have certified First Responders as a result of the training. (Photos by Kirk Haynes)

Communities throughout Copiah County will benefit from training that members of their respective Volunteer Fire Departments have received in recent months.

Through a course offered by Copiah-Lincoln Community College, several volunteer fire fighters were certified as First Responders in December after an exercise at Wesson VFD.

Several members from Smyrna, Wesson, Strong Hope, Hopewell and Dentville participated in real-life case scenarios in which they operated life-saving equipment to extract victims from a wreck, in one case.

The training was taught by Richie Beach, a National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Paramedic with Hardy Wilson Memorial Hospital, and by EMT instructors from


All VFD’s in the county now have at least two certified First Responders, according to Mark Hennington of the Smyrna VFD.

“Before this, if we had a bad wreck in our community, we would have to wait on First Responders to come from Wesson to assist. Now we can get right to work to help the victims as quickly as possible,” Hennington said.

He noted that Michael Wells, the assistant chief of the Smyrna VFD, scored highest during the exercise, and many others from throughout the county did very well.

“Residents in our communities will be better served by having certified First Responders within their VFD’s,” Hennington added.

Plans for similar training are being made for Hazlehurst and Crystal Springs.

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