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Counterfeit $100 bills circulating in Copiah County

Counterfeit $100 bills are circulating in Copiah County, and the counterfeit detecting pens won’t work on them, reports Lt. Chris Granger of the Hazlehurst Police Department.

The bills don’t respond to the pen’s detector ink because they are real money, Lt. Granger explains. But they are not real $100 bills. The counterfeiters are bleaching out $5 bills and printing $100 on them.

Although the pens won’t work there are still ways to check the bills to see if they are fakes. Hold the bill up to the light, Lt. Granger advised, and there should be a silhouette of Benjamin Franklin visible on a genuine $100. On the fakes, the silhouette shows Abraham Lincoln. There is also a watermark that should say $100, but on the fakes it says $5.

Businesses should be aware that counterfeiters are at work in Copiah County. If a business receives a counterfeit bill, call the Hazlehurst Police Department at 601-894-1181.

The police are turning over all information they gather to the federal Secret Service, reported Lt. Granger.

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