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Instructional management plan adopted

At the January meeting of the Hazlehurst City School District, the state conservator approved a variety of routine housekeeping matters, including an instructional management plan.

Ms. Longino explained that one of the concerns of the previous audit report was the lack of an instructional management plan. This plan will give guidance from the district on what teachers should be doing, including suggested teaching strategies and objectives.

Other matters approved included the claims docket totaling over $335,000, amendments to the HMC Consulting LLC contract, J.C. Stringer as high school principal mentor, Ollye Brown as consultant for the Parental Advisory Committee, Wanda Massey as third grade teacher coach, Ruegeaner Longino as biology teacher coach, and reduction of the mileage reimbursement rate from 58.5 cents per mile to 55 cents per mile according to federal guidelines.

In 16th Section matters, a memorandum of understanding with the Secretary of State and Mississippi Forestry Commission was approved for 16th Section forest management. This includes a 10 year plan for timber sales. The conservator also authorized timber sales, residential leases, and other 16th Section lease matters.

Personnel hired at the January meeting include Ken Action, south campus principal; Richard Daniels, English III teacher; Jacqueline King, 8th grade pre-algebra; Challise Brittany, 2nd grade teacher;  teachers Amelita Ross, Tamekia Norrells, Sandi Davis, and Trace Fandal; and Jenny Nations, SPED teacher.

Rose Gilmore was added to the substitute list.

Resignations were accepted from Flora McKay, teacher, and Kcovonda White, south campus cafeteria worker.

Bonnie Collins and Georgia B. Collins were approved as full time cafeteria employees on the south campus. Cafeteria substitutes include Robinette White, Roosevelt Williams, Marilyn Jones, Lagracha Carter, Jessica Sutton, Cornelius Sanders, Evelyn Cooley, Latonya Hilliard, and Dorothy Deaton.

Teacher’s aides hired include Rockell Hendrix, Amy Williams and Corey Johnson.


Items on the school district agenda for the regular November meeting were the hiring of Amber Geiser as business manager and transfer of Nikki Holloway from business manager to human resources director. Jamilliah Longio was hired as curriculum and instruction director. Terry Banks was transferred from transportation director to maintenance worker.

Eddie Spann was hired as high school principal at $85,000 annual salary, and Dr. L.C. Firle as elementary school principal at $90,000 annual salary with an activity supplement of $4500.

Other hires included Daphine Foster, math teacher; Larry West, bus driver; Mia Boyd, substitute bus driver; Angela Minter, substitute cafeteria worker; Jesse Price, special education teacher; Hazel Crump, cafeteria worker; Deborah Newell, Hazlehurst High School secretary; and Bennie Newell, teacher.

Resignations were accepted from Katie Chandler, attendance clerk; Shirley Jackson, head custodian; Camella Johnson, assistant principal; Paula Christmas, assistant teacher; Diana Hickey, teacher; Virginia Brister, teacher.

Two employees were suspended for several days and two others terminated.

Contractual services on the agenda included approval to increase the contract with HMS Consulting from 15 days to 35 days (additional days to be used only with approval of conservator and financial advisor), and approval to contract with PREPS for Mentoring – 25 teachers at 4 days per month for mentors onsite to work with teachers (based on $1000 per teacher) for a total cost of $25,000.


Personnel items on the December meeting’s agenda included the approval of Christy Washington, elementary assistant secretary; Amber Geiser as purchasing agent; Denise Wesley, English teacher; Rhonda McClinton, school nurse; Barbara S. Jones, payroll clerk; and Monte Collins, technology.

Resignations were accepted from Marie Alexander, teacher; Sylvia Furnace, elementary school secretary; Chris Bell, technology; James Jackson, art teacher; Daphine Foster, transitional algebra teacher; Deandre Davis, English teacher; Bertha England, cafeteria worker.

Cafeteria substitutes on the agenda for approval were Robert Earl Stovall, Wanda Henley, Victor Perry, Alicia Tanner, Sherrie Rhodes, Georgia Bell Collins, Leslie Griffin and Bonnie Jean Collins.

An employee was suspended for two days and another employee was terminated.

An action item was approval to conduct monthly board meetings at 12:30 p.m. with the conservator presiding, from this point forward until further notice.

Three 16th Section leases were terminated, and advertisement approved for notice of sale of a mobile trailer on 16-10-8.

The Hazlehurst City School District regularly meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 12:30 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend these meetings, as they have been scheduled to accommodate as many local stakeholders as possible.

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