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It’s a hoot-n-nanny

by Joe Buck Coates

How your government is attempting to solve problems in our country right now cannot be described in any other fashion than above–at least in words that can be printed in this newspaper.

Each day the arrogance of those at the federal level that think they have the answer to any and all problems grows exponentially larger and equally as aggravating. This epic money-grab that is titled as a Bailout, or Recovery Act, is the same-old same-old that we’ve experienced before.  It’s just in a different suit and has more zeroes at the end of it.

Believe or not, once the new legislation in Washington passes, more of your money will be taken away and given to someone who ‘needs’ it in the name of economic aid…oh, and ‘change’.  That’s what they want–more and more of your money–which translates into they want more and more of your freedom!

And, not much can be done about it right now.  We have a new president who thought he could enact his view of change from the first minute of his administration, but has only succeeded in the further disgruntling of America and Americans with his unwarranted and unprecedented harsh words about the state of the country.  We have a Congress who is controlled by radicals who want control of every facet of the lives of every American–and the president’s proposals don’t do enough of that.  Therefore, even members of the same party are arguing about such details. We have a rogue’s gallery of presidential cabinet nominees, including the Treasury Secretary, who have a record of disdain for the best interest of the American public.  And, not much can be done about it right now.

Americans want our presidents to be presidential, no matter who is in office or what party he claims.  We want our government to solve problems with as little intervention in our personal lives as possible.  We demand respect from those we elected.  Everyday, however, we are being disrespected by the very ones we put into office.  It’s not right, but it is what it is.

The federal government needs to step back and take a deep breath.  Help those that are truly in need–those that can’t help themselves–and get out of business.  Capitalism alone will work the economy’s problems out by presenting a world of new opportunities to the free-enterprisers.  A new recovery will begin, and a new age of prosperity and American-might will follow.

If our forefathers could see us right now, they’d surely take the country back by force.

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