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‘Trails of Wilmer Durr’ to be marked

The highway near Wilmer Durr’s home and the radio station where he has been on the air for decades will soon bear the designation “The Trails of Wilmer Durr.” The State Legislature plans to honor Durr with highway markers beginning July 1.

The Hazlehurst Board of Aldermen passed a resolution concurring with this action, as portions of the designated roads are within the city limits of Hazlehurst. The Copiah County Board of Supervisors passed a similar action last week.

Durr has been a radio personality in Hazlehurst for over 50 years.


In other business during the regular monthly session Tuesday evening, the city aldermen voted to allow AT&T to prepare a contract for a proposed video service. The company plans to offer video channels through internet protocols, which will be in competition with the current cable television provider, Bailey Cable. Wiring will be required.

The AT&T representative was unsure when the service would be available due to the infrastructure requirements. It is not currently offered in Mississippi, but “we are working real hard on it,” he told the board.

The city board voted to enter a five year agreement to let AT&T offer this service, with the agreement contingent on the mayor and attorney’s review.


Jeffrey Sandifer resigned from the water department. Leroy Ballard was hired. Dwight Brown was hired in the sewer department.

A vehicle will be purchased for  the water department at the state contract price of $13,707.

Emergency repairs were authorized at the Bahalia treatment plant.

The contract for housing prisoners at the county jail was approved, upping the fee to $28 per day. The mayor pointed out that the city had no choice but to approve it.

The board discussed possible litigation in executive session, announcing the termination of an employee and settlement of a pending suit against the city.

The board meets regularly on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

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