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Wesson redistricting approved by DOJ

Wesson mayor Alton Shaw announced during last Tuesday’s regular monthly board meeting that the new ward lines for this year’s election had been approved.  The action comes after a recent annexation by the city which took in new sections of the town on its northeast, southwest and western borders.  A map of the new ward lines is available at town hall and will be published at a later date.

“We are on schedule in making preparations for this year’s election.  We also anticipate voter questions are ready to provide answers,” Shaw said.

So far, each current alderman has qualified for his respective race, except for two.  Alderman-at-large Van Graham will run for re-election and anticipates to have the required number of signatures well before the March 6 deadline.  The other alderman who had not qualified as of Friday morning was Ward 3’s Lura Greer.  Greer has been undergoing medical treatment for quite some time and is undecided, according to Shaw.

Those wishing to vie for the alderman position in his ward have until March 6 at 5 p.m. to qualify.  Contact town hall for more information.

The board approved a fee of $50 per hour for repairs that are done by the Public Works Department on breaks in existing water lines that are caused by negligence.  Shaw cited several incidents that had occurred recently where personnel were called out to make repairs that could have been avoided with better decision making.  The action should help deter such activity in the future, the mayor said.

The board handled several other routine matters on the brief agenda before recessing until Tuesday, March 2 at 6:00 p.m.  All board meetings are held in town hall.  Wesson residents and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

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