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Watkins family receives keys to new Habitat home


Being a new homeowner is one of the most wonderful opportunities I’ve had, and I’m very thankful for this experience. God has blessed me so much. I’ve always had a desire to own my own home starting at a very young age. It’s a desire I felt I could do.

When I saw the ad in the paper that Habitat for Humanity was searching for a family to put in a home, I was very excited, as if I knew that I would get the home. I didn’t really know, but I believed, prayed and hoped that my application had the qualifications that they were looking for.

My sweat and equity hours I put in the house and yard was no easy job, but I was prepared for it. I try working hard on everything I put my hands on, and one day it all will make a difference.

At this moment I want to thank every individual who volunteered their time to build a home for a family you didn’t know anything about. I thank you, and God will bless you for your kindness. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to thank you all in person.

Thank you to:

The Habitat Board, Peri Akin, Jimmy Buchanan, Jeff Varas, Rev. Arthur Lewis, Rev. Burnell Newsome, Charles Burton and Mrs. Nickie, Richard Stockett, Mr. David the painter, Maurice Pierce, Dick Cooley, Debra Stamps.

Also thank you to Shirley Little, my mother; Christopher Watkins, my brother; and Larry Butler, the carpenter; Chris Alexander and Ashelin from the Tile Specialist, Russ Dubose, the Landscaper (God’s little helper); Terry Channell, air condition/heating unit; and the electrician.

If I forgot anybody’s name, please forgive me and thank you again from Tina, Ka’Miya and Ma’Nico.

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