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County leases new road equipment

The Copiah County Board of Supervisors accepted bids for road equipment during Friday’s recessed session. The bids were opened Monday and taken under advisement for review.

The equipment will be leased for the road department for the next five years. Bids included price of equipment, interest rate and guaranteed residual on each item.

Stribling received the order for four 301J John Deere backhoes for a net cost to the county for five years of $38,121 each. Puckett received the order for three Caterpillar 12M motor graders for a net cost to the county for five years of $109,471 each. Puckett received the order for four Caterpillar 930H wheel loaders for a net cost to the county for five years of $93,525.60. Puckett received the order for two Caterpillar DK4 dozers for a net cost to the county for five years of $57,025.

The bid on an excavator was rejected because the county’s

present machine is in good condition and the cost was deemed above the budget.


Copiah County received 660 new homestead applications this year, down 22 from last year.


Coroner Ellis Stuart asked the board to note on the minutes that the Lincoln County Coroner’s staff will assist if there is ever an occasion when Stuart and both of his deputies are unavailable.

The surplus bus at the sheriff’s department will be posted for bids along with other surplus property. Bids will be taken on May 19.

Two copiers will be lease/purchased for the Justice Court and Tax Assessor’s office under state contract.

Right of way agreements on the St. Paul Road bridge project and County Farm Road bridge project were discussed and necessary action approved.

A public hearing will be held in July on a request for modification of the solid waste management plan at the request of Jones Lumber.

Documents were approved as required for the EDA grant project for the new water well at the industrial park.

One bid was received and taken under advisement from William T. Saul and Associates for software for the sheriff’s department.

A private drive off Millsaps Road was named Minnie Lee Lane.

Engineer Joe Johnson updated the board on road projects, saying that the preconstruction conference on the Advance Lane project would take place that day, and surveys would begin on the Monticello Road curve project next week.

The 34 mile overlay project was reviewed to take ten to twelve miles off the project to get within the available funding. The county will bid the project with the option of adding to or taking away further mileage, according to available funds.

Claims were approved totaling $1,141,542.50 before the board recessed until Tuesday, May 19, at 9 a.m.

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