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It’s time for term limits on all elected fed. officials

Payback, as they say, is he–.  So it seems, in the U. S. Congress, where liberals are now running the show, and they are leaving no leaf unturned in their journey to pay back the former moderates who were in charge–nor are they making any bones about it.  They are doing it right in front of everybody, voters and all, while the cameras roll and the bulbs flash, savoring every minute of it.

Don’t be fooled by their big words–most all of the them, whether they have a -D or an -R by their name, are there for 1.) party, 2.) themselves, and not particularly in that order.  Health care, reordering of the financial sectors, global warming, energy independence–are all blabber for ‘we are going to tax you to the hilt, then demand that you do more for our sake’.

Well, the American people won’t stomach it for long.  Another election is just around the corner.  Much of it hopefully be recalled in 2010.  We’ll see.

The best answer is to institute term limits on all federal legislators.  This way the power remains in the hands of the true government–the people–and is removed from the despots that claim to represent us.  

If term limits are good enough for the president, then they are for everybody else at that level.  The only problem is that it will take an act of Congress to impose term limits.  Furthermore, few people are angry enough with their own representative or senator to impart a wholesale change.  So, short of a major uprising by the people, don’t bet on term limits for Congressmen any time soon.

And, we can bet on being paid back for a more considerable length of time.

Joe Buck Coates

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