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Permanent curbside garbage containers must be removed in Hazlehurst

The Hazlehurst Board of Aldermen amended the zoning ordinance by eliminating all permanent curbside garbage containers for health and aesthetic reasons.

The action allows 60 days for the removal of those already in place. If not removed, the Street Department will remove them.

The board approved the action on a 4-1 vote with Alderman Frank Jones voting nay.

The board authorized Mrs. Watts to apply for an MDA Home grant.

The city dispensed with the election that would have taken place on June 2, in accordance with law. The Election Commissioners of Hazlehurst certified that each candidate is elected without opposition. All candidates have filed campaign finance disclosure reports as required.

The mobile home assessment schedule for 2009-2010 was adopted.

The City Clerk was authorized to transfer $5000 from the General Fund to the General Bond and Interest Fund, to be repaid to the General Fund when funds become available.

Austin Electric was successful bidder for the emergency generator in the amount of $45,800. The city’s share of the cost will be $12,550, with the remaining $33,250 covered by a grant.

A local emergency was declared to combat West Nile virus.  The emergency state will continue until terminated by the board. By declaring an emergency, the city can take steps to more easily eradicate mosquito breeding sites.

Bids will be received at the July meeting for hot mix and cold mix.

Sheba Smith and Preston Parrish will join the park staff as part time summer workers.

Debra Christmas was appointed to the Housing Authority Board on a 4-1 vote with McMillian voting nay. Her term will expire June 2013.

Seth Morris was hired as full time fire fighter beginning July 1.

Adrian Starkey’s resignation as patrol officer was accepted with regrets.

Ken Bradford resigned as fire fighter.

Bill Riojas was hired as patrol officer.

A contract with Leads On Line was approved for an annual amount of $1,428.

The police chief will attend a conference in June.

Cleanup letters will be sent to the Eddie Tillman estate on Monticello Street. A cleanup hearing will be held on July 7.

Voting delegates to the Mississippi Municipal League were appointed and shown in the minutes: Shirley Sandifer, voting delegate; Frank Jones, first alternate; Daryl McMillian, second alternate.

Eminent domain proceedings were authorized on the Graham estate property for an easement for the sewer project, if necessary.

Both test well sites were approved: the Shirley Granger property on Nelson Drive and the Ron Geren property on East Whitworth Street.

Low bidder Water Well Services was authorized to proceed with the drilling of the test well on Nelson Drive in the amount of $24,950.

Waggoner Engineering was hired as engineer on the test well project.

The board voted to apply for a grant for paving the road at the City Industrial Park with the city’s portion to be paid in-kind, and to get Waggoner Engineering to give an estimate of the cost of paving. This action is contingent on this grant not interfering with any of the city’s other grant applications. This action was approved on a 4-1 vote with Alderman Frank Pickering voting nay.

The city board will meet again on Tuesday, July 7, at 6 p.m.

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