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Supervisors alter fire rebate distribution formula

Copiah’s supervisors at their recessed meeting July 20 acting upon the recommendation of seven of the county’s eleven rural fire department chiefs agreed to an even split of state fire insurance rebate money and county fire funds among the eleven rural fire departments.

Copiah received $88,053 fire insurance rebate funds from the state this year and added $19,360 in county fire funds dividing the total 11 ways among the rural fire departments. Payment of $2,890.51 for code training was deducted before the distribution In the past the Crystal Springs City Department received $10,000 and the Wesson Volunteers received $3,500 for special responsibilities such as the Gallman Industrial Park and Copiah-Lincoln Community College and the balance was divided equally. All of the volunteer departments now share responsibility for protecting the industrial park.

When the eleven rural fire chiefs voted, seven of the 11 wanted equal distribution and four wanted to retain the old formula.

Human Resource Funding

Supervisors had asked their attorney whether it was possible for the Human Resource Agency to take out loans to level out their payments to vendors when state and federal reimbursements were late. It was determined that there is no legislative mandate for such borrowing and the county agreed to advance two months of its contributions to the agency for the rest of the year.

County Considering ‘Going Green’

Tanya Scott of the Lemont Scott Group presented a program to get Copiah to “go green” in several ways such as utilizing green technology on county buildings and seeking some green industries. Scott was asked to work with Copiah County Economic Development District to present specific green opportunities to Copiah.

Other Matters

The county agreed to seek quotations for new keypad locks for the service building and agreed to purchase a state of the art floor buffer system for the county buildings at a cost of $4964 from Jackson Paper Company.

The resignation of Kim Jackson as an E911 dispatcher was accepted and Darlene Hemphill was moved from part time to full-time duties. Advertisement for a part-time E911 dispatcher was authorized. Supervisors agreed to keep the burn ban in place for further consideration the first meeting of August.

Supervisors agreed to study problems with a tax bill on a mobile home. Routine tax roll corrections were made.

The final board order of the industrial tax exemption for Advance Auto Parts was authorized.

The bids of Hunt Southland for ACD and CRS-2 road material and the bid of Ergon for CRS-2P were accepted.

Coroner Ellis Stuart discussed the possible creation of a regional district to secure pathological services and supervisors authorized his continued study of the matter with nearby counties because of state level problems with autopsies, chain of evidence, storage, etc.

Randle Drane reported that he has completed training on enforcement of building codes if the county ever needs this service.

Ratification of emergency computer replacement for the Dentville Volunteer Fire Department at a cost of $900 was completed.

Damage to a concrete pipe on the Browns Wells Road project was discussed with Engineer Johnson. A permit for AT&T to replace an 1800 foot cable on New Zion Road was granted. Routine paperwork for the Alford Road and County Farm Road bridge projects was completed. Arrangements were made to furnish additional information such as a second title opinion on the EDA water well grant for the industrial park. Administration and engineering arrangements must be made before bids are taken on the project.

Supervisors made arrangements to participate in a telephone conference on a hearing for a former county employee with the Employment Security Commission.

The application for a $1500 grant for funding sought by the cultural affairs director for the Smithsonian Exhibit later this year was formalized.

Application for a $411,875 multimodal grant for an additional hangar at the Copiah County Airport was authorized.

The bid of Munn in the amount of $19,720 for signage at the Copiah Industrial Park at Gallman was accepted.

The first monthly payment for four new backhoes to BankCorp South was authorized.

Supervisors went into executive session for personnel but returned to open session to report that no action had been taken.

The resignation of Prentiss Butler in the road department was accepted and Ronnie Morgan was employed in the department.

Supervisors continued their discussion of herbicidal control of roadside vegetation and agreed to see how it works out in a program starting up in Simpson County.

Officials adjourned for July.

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