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Cultural events planned for Copiah County

Copiah supervisors in their regular monthly session September 8 heard a detailed report on cultural events for the remainder of the year.

Janet Schriver, Copiah Cultural Affairs director reported that the Crookes Foundation has offered a new $7,000 grant to assist Heritage House projects, secure a performance by Bobby Rush and build a deck on the back of Heritage House. The supervisors accepted this proposal which is in the planning stage.

An ongoing project is the Mississippi Development Authority Robert Johnson grant for $10,000 for promotion of the project which will include additional securing of the Robert Johnson birthplace by George Harris for $4,000, production of commemorative pens from the wood of the Robert Johnson birthplace house estimated to cost $4,000 and a new website estimated to cost $2,000. The supervisors approved this project.

The Humanities Council in a new grant will make available $1,500 to secure a speaker and pay for incidentals for the Smithsonian Exhibit. Supervisors accepted this grant.

An ongoing project of George Winston’s paying for music lessons under the Heritage House umbrella to expose kids to the arts was noted by the supervisors and their appreciation was expressed.

Under the Department of Public Safety Planning, renewal of the Juvenile Justice $88,000 grant was authorized to be sought for afterschool program and “Homemade Jamz” visit from the Tupelo-area performers. Renewal of the Title V program for teen moms totaling $31,000 was authorized to be sought by the supervisors. An additional Title V program for creation of a theater setting in Heritage House totaling $5,645 was authorized to be sought.

Other Matters

Routine tax roll and homestead corrections were made and an erroneous tax sale was corrected.

Correction of gutter problems on the Copiah County Schools office building was authorized to the low bidder at $420 while certain repairs are being made in the courthouse pending Archives & History concurrence.

The bid of Monticello Forest Products for timber on a 4-H demonstration plot created by the late Senator Frank Barlow for $25,211 was accepted and upon completion of the timber harvest and installation of a water line across the property, it is the board’s plan for the plot to revert to Barlow’s descendants as provided in the bequest.

Supervisors discussed possible swap of some county land for 16th section land with details to be developed later.

Upgrade of the county’s mapping computer in the appraisal office was authorized with funds to come from the reappraisal office budget.

Erma Deen Lewis was appointed to the Central Mississippi Planning & Development District’s Council on Aging to serve as one of two representatives from Copiah with Betty Keywood.

An agreement was signed exempting equipment to be installed in DG Foods which that firm will not own from any obligation that DG Foods may have with Copiah County.

Southeast Supply Header, the consortium with Centerpoint Energy, secured extension of its lease for one year with month to month extension thereafter on the former Universal building in the Copiah County Industrial Park at Gallman.

Two temporary full time employees were hired to paint the Human Resource Agency Building and do other maintenance requirements for the county.

Copiah County appealed the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s denial of Katrina cleanup funding reimbursement.

The engineering contract with Joe Johnson for the new water well at the industrial park was signed. Two amendments to the water well contract were approved as requested by the Economic Development Administration asserting that a full review of the project has been made and another asserting that American-made products will be used on the project.

Right of way deeds for several parcels required for the Bobbit Road bridge repair were completed and eminent domain of heir property necessary for completion of the project was authorized if necessary.

Permit requests by AT&T for 21,000 feet on Thomas Road to East Gallman Road, 4500 feet on Coor Springs Road and 30,000 feet on Harmony, Clegg Road and Burt Loop were approved.

Copiah supervisors announced that they will accept the $3 million shelter facility from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and asked the agency to reserve the funding for Copiah.

Copiah’s share of the seal coating project at the Copiah County Airport was allowed.

Arrangements were completed for installation of the new emergency warning siren on Copiah Academy property with no rental to be charged and the academy to furnish power for charging the batteries on the siren at no cost to the county.

Preparation of the lease documents for the lease of the new T-hangars at the Copiah County Airport is underway.

Four trucks purchased by the county under state bid provisions have arrived on the gulf coast and were to be picked up by county personnel September 9 with two assigned to each road maintenance barn.

The board recessed until Thursday, September 10 at 9 a.m. and planned an afternoon budget work session September 8.

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