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HCSL in playoffs

The Hazlehurst Community Sports League (HCSL) has just ended its first Youth Tackle and Flag Football Season. It was an exciting time for the parents, players, coaches, volunteers and community.

Shirley Sandifer, league president, presented to the League board members the invitation by the Mississippi Youth Football Association, Inc. to participate in their event, which was accepted with warmth and open arms. The Hazlehurst Community Sports League family, friends, sponsors and volunteers began the process and started the season on time looking good in full uniforms ready to play.

The Collins Youth League was the visiting team for the first game for the league and introduced everyone to a wonderful and fair competition process. The players worked hard in practice, in school and at home even though at the beginning season players succumbed to the flu.

These young people showed their courage and pride within themselves by playing games eight Saturdays in a row, traveling to four away games. The four teams, Flag Football, the Rookies, Midgets and Peewees.

Although not every game was victorious, the Rookies, Midgets and Peewees did leave Pelahatchie with a win. The Flag Football team played with the Mississippi Youth Football Association, Inc.’s Flag teams and won second place.

The Peewees won the District 8 Championship at the first division playoffs on Saturday, Nov. 14.

These young people deserve a round of applause from the community because they worked very hard to accomplish this milestone. This has proven how immense their drive and determination can be.

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