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Emergency communications improved

Copiah County Supervisors approved the purchase of hardware and accessories to become part of the state’s new communication system which will connect most state agencies at their recessed meeting November 23.

A grant for $207,804 has been received for the project and several county agencies including municipalities have paid an additional $41,568 to participate. Purchase of radios and auxiliary equipment under state contract arrangements were authorized.

In another project which will upgrade communication and the E911 program, department workers have completed verifying roads in southwest Copiah County and have superimposed 911 addresses over the map which will greatly increase the efficiency of the E911 program when the entire county is completed.

Cultural Affairs

Dr. Janet Schriver, Copiah Cultural Affairs Director, reported on expenditures under a $10,000 Mississippi Development Authority grant for promotion of bluesman Robert Johnson’s birth home restoration project which is expected to increase tourism in the county. Tallies indicate that response to the county’s media consultant’s work totals about three million contacts. The project is beginning to show up on travelogues. Response to the benefit concert for the project was moderate and Supervisors authorized expenditure from the grant to expand media consultation. Financial arrangements were made for the “Homemade Jamz” performance expenses from private grants made to the Heritage House project. A website provides information on the project at JOHNSONHOUSEPROJECT.COM.

Other Matters

Chancery Clerk Amos received authorization to make tax corrections and to pay extra court reporter expense. He reported that the application for a new round of courthouse improvements is in and word on approval should come after the first of the year.

The resignation of Joe Stennett as a jailer was accepted and Sermica Foster and Frankie L. Moore were employed as part-time dispatchers in the sheriff’s department.

Chad Sills’ annual appointment as fire investigator was renewed.

The county’s amendment to its basic emergency plan to cover influenza and pandemics was approved.

Engineer Johnson reported that final inspection of the overlay on Browns Wells-Carter Hill project was scheduled Nov. 23. Work is in progress on the County Farm and Alford Road project. The county’s overlay project is presently on hold. Obtaining of right of way on the Bobbitt-Blocker Road project is underway. The St. Paul Road project is awaiting completion of the bonding process. The board will be reviewing legal proposals and making ratings for the Dentville Road project. The Advance Lane project curb has been laid and the overlay completed. This project is awaiting striping and signage.

A test well has been drilled for the new water well in the Copiah Industrial Park and operation and samples are being checked in preparation for drilling the permanent well. An access road for this project has been constructed and a change order has been recommended for laying water lines under this access road. The test well indicates that there will be funds remaining in the grant and the county is seeking approval of a “skater system” which will monitor the water wells and tanks to utilize these funds.

Routine tax roll corrections were approved.

Easements for the Timberland project have been received and $10,000 from this project has been deposited in the road fund.

Mandated publication of supervisor travel expense and solid waste expenditures was authorized.

A budget modification on the Katrina Mitigation Funding for the Advance Lane project was authorized with contingencies and legal budget funds being transferred to the construction budget.

The application of Copiah-New Zion Water Association to locate a water line on the fairgrounds property and extend the line to serve a barbecue business to the east was approved.

Constables’ annual “loss of revenue” reimbursement for failure to receive fees for services rendered was authorized at $1500, up from $1,000 last year.

Officials adjourned for November.

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