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Lengthy closed session occupies supervisors

The Copiah County Board of Supervisors dealt with a number of routine matters while in open session during Monday’s regular meeting.

The board discussed personnel, litigation, and economic development in closed session for about an hour and a half.

Economic development director Neil Honan requested the closed session to discuss sensitive economic development issues, but no action was taken on these matters.

While in closed session, the board also discussed personnel and litigation. The only action taken in executive session was authorizing board attorney Elise Munn to represent the county in a wage and hour lawsuit filed by Janet Schriver against the county, city, city school district, and Robert Johnson Foundation relating to the 21st Century grant.

In other business, the annual recapitulation was placed on the minutes for the land roll and personal rolls for 2009 which will begin collection in January.

The MS Development Authority’s energy division informed the county that a grant is available for a study on government buildings to see how the county can save money on energy.

The board authorized payment to Tri-State for training on the new addressing system in the 911 office. A grant paid for the new software but did not cover the $900 training for three employees. 911 director Rick Stevens reported that the new system is working well.

David Bufkin resigned as part time 911 dispatcher. Olivia Short was hired to fill the vacancy.

Emergency management director Randle Drane reported on a $8250 grant which will provide equipment for the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

An EMA staff member was authorized to attend training in Gulfport on storm shelters. The county has applied for a grant to build a storm shelter in Gallman.

The final test on the new generator at the courthouse was set for Tuesday. The courthouse will be run on generator power for two hours.

Tamara Beacham was authorized to work as part time dispatcher for the sheriff’s department. Beacham is also a part time deputy. A sheriff’s department employee was terminated. A new hire approved at a

previous meeting was rescinded as the individual declined to work for the county.

Routine corrections to the tax rolls were approved.

A letter to DEQ was authorized seeking an amendment to the wastewater permit for DG Foods. DG Foods is planning a significant expansion in January which will increase the load into the county’s aerated lagoon. The lagoon should be able to handle the increase, reported engineer Joe Johnson. An additional aerator may be needed in the worst case. Plans are to run the three existing aerators for now and see what the tests show. The aerators cost about $17,000 each when installed.

Johnson updated the board on various road and bridge projects currently under way in the county. Erosion control and striping are all that are left to do on Advance Lane, but the erosion problems will be discussed further at Thursday’s meeting. Rip rap is needed, which will cost an additional $25,500.

Permits were approved for Lincoln Rural Water to install a service line across Brown’s Wells Road; AT&T to install an upgraded line parallel to Sylvarena Road from Highway 51 to Miller Road;  the Town of Utica to install a gas line across New Zion Road; Copiah-New Zion Water to install a water line between West Gallman Road and Deaton Road on the county fairgrounds property; and AT&T to install a line on Ashley Road and Poplar Springs Road.

Low quote of $3000 from Triple G Electric was accepted for electrical hookup on the new signs at the industrial park.

Closeout documents on the Rural Impact project were approved and invoices paid.

Supervisors will meet again on Thursday, December 10, at 9 a.m.

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