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Tornado strikes Copiah County

HUTCHERSON HOME AND SHOP DAMAGED – The home of Lynn and June Hutcherson on Monticello Road was damaged by the tornado Thursday by falling trees. Their auto repair shop next door lost much of its roof.

DEBRIS SCATTERED – Debris from the Ramseys’ barn on Monticello Road was scattered for quite a distance. The storm also damaged or destroyed several chicken houses in the area.

NO ONE HURT AFTER STORMS RIP THROUGH COPIAH COUNTY – Severe thunderstorms and an EF2 tornado heavily damaged this barn on the property of Herbert and Vicki Ramsey on Monticello Road early Thursday morning. At least three homes and an auto repair shop were damaged during the storm, which ravaged the area around 12:50 a.m. Residents of the storm-ravished area report that Sheriff Harold Jones and county emergency crews were on the scene promptly.

Buildings and trees bore the brunt of the damage when a tornado tore through Copiah County near Hazlehurst just after midnight on Thursday, January 21. The EF2-rated tornado produced maximum winds of 115 mph, cutting a swathe nearly four miles long and 500 yards wide. No one was injured or killed in the storm.

According to the summary of damages compiled by the National Weather Service, the tornado started along James Road, where several chicken houses were significantly damaged and one collapsed. Other outbuildings were damaged and a number of trees and power lines were downed.  Debris was carried for hundreds of yards along the path.

The tornado traveled northeast, reaching its maximum intensity and width as it crossed Monticello Road. Hundreds of trees were snapped or uprooted, including a number of large hardwoods. The storm leveled a barn and snapped at least two power poles. A couple of other outbuildings were heavily damaged.

The tornado continued northeast from there, crossing Perrett Road and Highway 472, uprooting and snapping trees along its path and damaging or destroying several outbuildings.

The tornado dissipated shortly after crossing Highway 472.

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