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Special election Tuesday for Senate District 36

Voters in most of Copiah County will go to the polls on Tuesday, February 16, for the special election to select a new State Senator for District 36.

Most of Copiah County is included in Senate District 36, but some precincts in the Crystal Springs area are split or in another district entirely. All of the Crystal Springs East precinct is in Senate District 35 as well as portions of Crystal Springs North and Crystal Springs South.

“All other precincts in Copiah County are in District 36,” said Edna Stevens, Copiah County Circuit Clerk.

The previous state senator for this district, Vincent Davis, resigned from the State Senate when Governor Haley Barbour appointed him to a chancery judge post.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday. For more information contact the Circuit Clerk’s office, 894-1241.



For State Senate 36
District 36
Vote for ONE

(  )   Albert Butler
(  )   Jerry L. Cain, Sr.
(  )  Elvis E. Colenberg, Sr.
(   )   Kenneth ‘Hog’ Ramsey
(  )   Jimmy D. Strong
(  )   Ken Dale Sullivan
(  )   Jazma Wheeler
(  )   Write-in __________


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