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Cellular equipment to be placed on city’s water tank

Negotiations are under way with Cellular South to place an antenna on the John Street water tank. The Hazlehurst Board of Aldermen discussed the matter with Todd Jenkins of Cellular South during the regular February board meeting, taking the matter under advisement to work out the details.

The John Street tank, located at the corner of John and Washington streets, is scheduled to be repainted soon. The installation of the cellular equipment will be coordinated with the city’s repairs to the tank to make future maintenance easier for both.

The installation of the equipment will increase cellular coverage in the area as well as provide a base for the city to lease space on the tank for other purposes.


The board discussed the requested rezoning of the 5-Star Convenience Store to commercial with owner Patricia Brown. The property was rezoned when the city adopted its comprehensive plan and is now located in an R-2 residential zone, effective Oct. 1, 2008.

The convenience store can not open in a residential zone as the zoning currently stands, but even if it is rezoned the store can not sell beer due to the proximity of a church.

The city attorney explained that any rezoning would have to include a public hearing by the zoning committee.


A parade permit was authorized for the Sickle Cell Anemia Walk Fair on April 17.

Bad debts will be charged off the water department’s books. Attempts to collect on these accounts will still be made, totaling $39,484 over a six year period.

Professional services agreement with WGK on the drainage grant was approved.

Bonnie Ross and Michael Fatheree will attend first line supervisors training in Pearl.

The mayor and board congratulated the police department on receiving the Hazlehurst Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award.

Next meeting: March 1, 6 p.m.

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