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KCCB to kick off countywide cleanup with parade in Wesson

At the Wesson Baptist Church on April 7, the Town of Wesson will host the kickoff for the county wide cleanup sponsored by Keep Copiah County Beautiful.

A first for Wesson, this 10 a.m. event will start with a parade through downtown Wesson and end up at the pavilion across from City Hall where a welcome will be given by the Mayor of Wesson, Alton Shaw.  Students from Wesson Attendance Center, Wesson Baptist Church Kindergarten, and Precious Moments Child Care will participate in the parade.  Other participants will be the Emergency Management Team and volunteer fire departments.

Anyone who would like to participate in the parade or volunteer to work at designated sites, please contact Nora A. Berch at (601) 894-4487.

The April 7 activities will be focused on making Wesson beautiful.  Trash clean up will be emphasized on Saturday, April 10, during the county side cleanup program.

Five municipalities in Copiah County will participate in Keep Copiah County Beautiful county wide cleanup helping residents get rid of accumulated clutter.  Appliances, furniture, tires and other items can be easily disposed of that day.  Keep Copiah County Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep Mississippi/America Beautiful.

Crystal Springs, Georgetown, Hazlehurst, Wesson, Beauregard and eight volunteer fire departments will take part in this program. Dumpsters will be delivered to sites on Thursday and Friday before the event.   In Crystal Springs the dumpsters will be placed on Railroad Avenue at the old city water department behind First Baptist Church.  In Wesson it will be placed between City Hall and the Fire Department.  Hazlehurst’s dumpsters will be placed behind the Fire Department across from First Baptist Church.

Since the Copiah County Board of Supervisors funds KCCB, it pays for the dumpsters in the other areas and also for any anti-litter education programs conducted in the schools. A list of items that can and cannot be placed in the dumpsters will run in the local papers the week of April 7.  Be sure to read the “Note for this event only.”  Special items can be placed beside the dumpster for the Sheriff’s Inmate Litter Collection Team to pick up and disposal.

Supplies may be picked up at the Hazlehurst Chamber of Commerce, Crystal Springs Visitors Center, City Hall of Wesson and all volunteer fire departments.

Local sponsors are Hardy Wilson Memorial Hospital in Hazlehurst which furnished the gloves that are used in the cleanup program and Barker Honda of Brookhaven.

National sponsors are Pepsi, O.B., Waste Management, Troy-Bilt, Dow, Wrigley, Solo, Nestles Pure Life, Glad and Scotts Miracle Gro.  Without their support there would be no Keep Copiah County Beautiful.

KCCB board meets at the multi-purpose building in Gallman the first Wednesday of every month.  This meeting is open to the public.  Volunteers wanting to learn more about the organization are invited to attend the meetings.

The goal of the April 7 kick off is educating the public that there’s more to this organizations than just picking up the trash on the side of the road.  The absence of trash plus a beautiful landscape is the perfect combination for an inviting atmosphere.

Come to the April 7 parade and get excited about making our county a beautiful place to live that others would want to visit.

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