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Regina Tate Murdock

Memorial services for Regina Tate Murdock will be held Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010, at 10 a.m. at Marl Grove Church of Christ Holiness, USA, Byram.

Ms. Murdock is a graduate of Parrish High School Class of 1962, and former employee of Edward Hyman Company.

She is the daughter of Elder C.D. Tate and mother Lorean Tate who preceded her in death. Also C.D. Jr., her brother, and her son, Brian was killed in a house fire in Hazlehurst.

Survivors include: Shirley Woods of Fairfield, CA; Irene Downs of Dallas, TX; Rufus Tate of Jackson; Albert Sterling Tate of Hazlehurst; Beverly Tate Latson of Temple Hills, MD; Shenitha Pridgen of Jackson; Bishop Arnold Stanton of Byram and Hazlehurst; and Edward Benson of Beacon, NY.

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