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KCCB Clean-up Day is Saturday

Five municipalities in Copiah County will participate in Keep Copiah County Beautiful county wide cleanup helping residents get rid of accumulated clutter.  Appliances, furniture, tires and other items can be easily disposed of that day.  Keep Copiah County Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep Mississippi/America Beautiful.

Crystal Springs, Georgetown, Hazlehurst, Wesson, Beauregard and eight volunteer fire departments will take part in this program. Dumpsters will be delivered to sites on Thursday and Friday before the event.   In Crystal Springs the dumpsters will be placed on Railroad Avenue at the old city water department behind First Baptist Church.  In Wesson it will be placed at the old Sunflower Building on Highway 51.  Hazlehurst’s dumpsters will be placed behind the Fire Department across from First Baptist Church.

Since the Copiah County Board of Supervisors funds KCCB, it pays for the dumpsters in the other areas and also for any anti-litter education programs conducted in the schools. A list of items that can and cannot be placed in the dumpsters will run in the local papers the week of April 7.  Be sure to read the “Note for this event only.”  Special items can be placed beside the dumpster for the Sheriff’s Inmate Litter Collection Team to pick up and disposal.

Supplies may be picked up at the Hazlehurst Chamber of Commerce, Crystal Springs Visitors Center, City Hall of Wesson and all volunteer fire departments.

Clean-up Day
Saturday, April 9

Paper and cardboard, aluminum chairs with plastic strips, floor covering, carpet and carpet pad, plastic, glass, televisions, concrete brick or stone, grass, leaves, flowers and tree limbs (cut up), clothing, furniture (couch, chairs, mattresses, wooden or plastic bed frames)

Sawdust, motor or transmission oils, pallets, asbestos, paint, volatile liquids, wood paneling, flooring, shingles or roofing materials, sheet rock or other construction site waste, food or kitchen waste, pesticides or herbicides, vehicle tires, vehicle batteries
For this event only:  Tires, batteries, empty gas tanks and canisters, empty paint cans and empty pesticide containers may be placed beside the dumpsters.  This DOES NOT include used motor oil. 
Please make sure to place these items in separate piles.  The Sheriff’s Inmate Litter Collection Team will collect and  dispose of these items properly.
If you have any questions about any specific material, please contact the Board of Supervisors.
Open: Tuesday & Saturday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The North Dump is located on Highway 27 East, just past Sojourner Trucking and Bankhead Lane, turn right.
The South Dump is located on Cline Road. Hwy. 51 to It, right on Martinsville Road, left onto Tyson Rd, left onto Dixie Garden Road, right onto Cline Road.
Everyone using the dumps is asked to follow these guidelines about where to put certain types of trash. The county dumps are closely scrutinized by the Department of Environmental Quality and any violations can result in hefty fines which must be paid out of your tax dollars.

Material allowed in Pit
Chips, flowers, tree limbs, leaves and grass, concrete, brick, stone, charcoal, paper, books, magazines, clothing
Iron, steel, bed frames, bicycles, appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, freezers, washers, dryers, small appliances, lawn care equipment, air or gas tanks.

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