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Crystal Springs Downtown Market opens for season this Saturday

Crystal Springs Downtown Market will open for the first time this season Saturday. The market, held on Georgetown St. across from the Meteor, was a huge success last year and hopes to be bigger than ever this year. Vendors will include local growers and handcrafts.
Keep Copiah County Beautiful will receive e-waste at Crystal Springs Downtown Market.
Citizens may bring old cell phones, old computer CPU and monitors, any electronic that they want to get rid of, alkaline batteries, old computer cartridges, etc.
Additional information may be obtained by calling Casey Kitchens at 601-497-1044.
What can be
1. Plastic drink bottles (2-liter soda bottles and water bottles), milk jugs and other plastic containers that you use such as detergent containers, juice containers, etc. Rinse the container out and throw away the cap. Find a place that is convenient for you to store it. You can take your plastic to the Job Corps entrance and leave it at the gate until the recycling bins are available.
2. Copy paper, newspapers, flattened cardboard such as cereal boxes, fruit bar boxes, gift boxes and magazines can be taken to the Visitors Center to be recycled.
3. Glass can be taken to the Visitors Center (rinse out glass containers, too).
4. Aluminum cans (soft drink cans) can be recycled at the Crystal Springs Recycling Center on Highway 51 or the Industrial Recycling location on Highway 27.
5. Plastic bags can be recycled at Walmart.
6. Alkaline batteries and old printer cartridges can be taken to Radio Shack.
A way to make it convenient is to have three different bins. You can write on each one what material it is for such as Paper/Glass, Plastic and Aluminum.

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