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MDOT opens more roads that were affected by recent flooding

JACKSON, Miss.—The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) would like to inform motorists of the following roadway information update.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is working in conjunction with the Corps of Engineers to provide accurate information regarding the high flood water at the Mississippi River. MDOT is continuously working to update survey data along with the Corps of Engineers who are updating their inundation maps to identify the affected roadways.

“After many days of collaboration with the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers, we are happy to announce that we have updated information on re-openings throughout the state,” said Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. “I would like to thank our MDOT men and women for their time and effort in completing the necessary inspections and making our roads safe for motorists. Additionally, we appreciate the patience of the traveling public throughout this process. I encourage folks to check<> for the latest updates on re-openings.”

Flooded Highway Status Report (6-1-2011)

A BRIEF WORD ABOUT RE-OPENING HIGHWAYS – MDOT crews have been busy opening roads and preparing others for re-opening. We will continue to monitor floodwater levels on roadways that remain inundated to estimate when they may be re-opened. These estimates will be revisited on a regular basis and revised as needed. These dates are merely estimates based on the most current information and should be used for planning purposes only. Be sure to check<> for updates.

• US 61 – Warren & Claiborne Counties- South of Vicksburg at the Big Black River (4.5 miles). Opening date: June 3 at 10 a.m.
• Water levels, inspections and tests confirm that this road can be opened as scheduled.

• SR 16 / SR 149 (Old Hwy 49W) – Yazoo County – Whittington Auxiliary Channel to Erickson Road (2.0 miles). Estimated opening date: mid-June.
• At present, the floodwater is roughly 2 feet deep on this road at its deepest point. Floodwaters will have to recede significantly before cleanup and inspections can be performed.

•SR 465 – Warren & Issaquena County between US 61 & Eagle Lake (10 miles). Estimated opening date: mid to late June.
•Floodwaters are currently 6 feet over the road at the deepest point. Floodwaters will have to recede significantly before any work is done on this segment.

Re-Opened Highways
(Extreme caution should be used due to soft shoulders and standing water in adjacent areas)

• US 49W – Humphreys & Yazoo Counties–Whittington Channel South of Silver City to Yazoo River (10 miles). Opened June 1.

• US 61/SR 3–Warren County–North of Vicksburg at the US 61/SR 3 intersection near Redwood to Backwater Levee (4.5 miles). Opened June 1.

• SR 16 / SR 149 (Old Hwy 49W)–Yazoo County–Erickson Road to Yazoo River (7 miles). Opened June 1.
• This segment is open to local traffic only until the remaining segment near the Whittington Channel can re-open at a later date.

• SR 24–Wilkinson County near Fort Adams. Opened June 1.


• US 61–Claiborne County–Due to flooding on US 61, Sectors 1, 2A and 2B will use SR 462 to SR 27.

MDOT reminds motorists to visit their website at<> for a list of road closures and highway reopening dates. You can also call the MDOT Call Center at (866) 521-6368 for roadway information.

For the most up-to-date information in your area, please visit<> and sign up for your traffic alerts. Also, visit to get the latest traffic information from on your mobile device. MDOT advises the public to pull off the road to a safe location if you need to check the website while driving. MDOT’s number one concern is the safety of the traveling public.

For more information, contact the MDOT Public Affairs Division at 601-359-7074.

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