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Debris fire threatens Library

A fire of unknown origin burned through a debris pile behind the Hazlehurst library on Wednesday afternoon.
The debris had been collected and placed there by City of Hazlehurst Street Department workers over the course of a months and included broken furniture, construction materials and other things discarded by local homeowners.  Debris that was in a bin placed by Waste Management under contract with the city was also burned.
The fire threatened a nearby pile of 100-200 discarded tires until workers with the Miss. Forestry Commission used a bulldozer to cut a lane between the tires and the burning debris.  The closest public building is the Hazlehurst Library, which sits 50 yards from where the fire took place.
At least three fire departments responded to the blaze, along with MFC and Copiah County Emergency Management Agency personnel. 
The blaze was under control quickly and was extinguished by around 5 p.m.  No one was injured, nor was any property damaged by the mystery fire.

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