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Hazlehurst police need your help

The Hazlehurst Police Department is calling on the community to help clear up old warrants.
“We are asking any citizen who thinks that he or she might still have any outstanding fine with the  Hazlehurst Police Department to please contact us to that we can work out a resolution,” state Chief Byron Swilley.
The Municipal Court Clerk is the person to contact. The clerk’s office is located at the police station.  The telephone number is 601-894-1181.
“If you owe old fines, most likely a warrant has been issued for your arrest. We would prefer citizens come in to see us, instead of us having serve them at their home or on their job,” explained Chief Swilley.
“Two police officers have been assigned to serve warrants on their day off. They have already started going out in the community serving warrants,” states Chief  Swilley.
The Police Department has a large number of old fines on the books that adds up to an exorbitant amount of money due the city.  “Our officers will be out in full force serving these warrants,” stated Swilley.
In an effort to help resolve criminal cases involving Identity Theft, Retail Theft, Credit Card Fraud, and various other crimes, the HPD recently began using the internet website was created to assist Law Enforcement in identifying suspects or persons of interest related to criminal activity.  Those helping identify subjects on the site can receive a $25 reward.  Every day images of unidentified suspects or persons of interest are added to the website by Law Enforcement.  The public can view these images and provide identifying information about the subjects in an anonymous format.  Every year there are billions of dollars in losses directly related to Identity Theft.  

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