Benefits for ‘Gray-Area’ military retirees announced

Retired Guardsmen and Reservists who have completed their 20 years but are not old enough to collect their retired pay (at age 60) are considered to be in a “Gray Area.”
Recently, more benefits have been extended to Gray Area retirees. The following shows the “gray area” benefits compared to the “full” (same as an active duty retiree) benefits you will begin to receive at age 60.
The following paragraphs begin with benefits, then retirees before age 60 and after age 60 receiving retiree pay.
Military ID cards: sponsor/dependents, yes; must get new ID cards
Access to Military Installations: yes (local post policies and in-country directives will govern access to facilities); yes (local post policies and in-country directives will govern access to facilities)
Exchange/PX/BX/Shoppettes: yes; yes
Service stations: (no gas coupons OCONUS for retirees), yes, yes
Physical fitness center: yes, yes
Lodging: available as space A on “first come-first served” basis. Military Recreation Centers Lodging 800-462-7691. Guest house available on limited basis, yes, yes;
MWR & More: Theater, rec center, clubs, laundry, dry cleaning, library, bowling, beverage store, four seasons, flower, optical and barber shops, check cashing, money exchange, yes, yes
Medical facilities: Member, only if on active duty, spouse/dependents, no. Member/spouse/dependents yes
TRICARE Health Insurance: no; yes until 65. After 65, TRICARE for Life is second payor to Medicare.
TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP): yes, yes
Space-A Travel: member, yes, limited to CONUS, spouse/dependents no; member/spouse/dependents, yes CONUS and OCONUS
Family services: yes, yes
SATO: yes, yes
Legal Assistance: limited, yes
Survivor assistance: yes, yes.
Casualty assistance: yes, yes
Veterans Group Life Insurance: yes, if eligible and requested; yes if eligible
State Benefits: See your State Representative for both
For additional information, contact your Veterans Service Officer, Ron Evans, at 601-894-4101.

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