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Coroner says body remains unclaimed

Ellis Stuart, County Coroner, requested an executive session at last week’s meeting of the Copiah County Board of Supervisors to determine how to handle the unclaimed body of Jason Bailey.
Jason Bailey, 37, was found dead on February 18, 2012 at 804 Lee Avenue in Crystal Springs.  
Bailey is believed to have killed his mother, Judy Greer, and buried her in the back yard, local law enforcement authorities say.
The board decided that Stuart should notify Bailey’s relatives and give them five days to claim his remains.  If his body is not claimed after this period, the board authorized Mississippi Mortuary to cremate the remains at a cost of $450.00. A claim for the cost will be filled against Bailey’s estate in an effort to recover the cost.
According to Ellis Stuart, Copiah County Coroner, the state examiner has not given a cause of death for either Bailey or Greer.

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