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What would you rather focus on?

The Supreme Court of the United States has heard arguments this week concerning the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was passed in March of 2010.  More specifically, the court will be deciding whether or not a key component of the plan–the individual mandate that requires all Americans to purchase health insurance–is a right guaranteed to all Americans in the U. S. Constitution.

Some news outlets say that the Court will announce a decision by June; still, others say it could take many months.  Either way, whether you supported the bill when in passed Congress and was signed by the President, or whether you didn’t, the fate of the act will be out of our hands.
So, we probably need to focus our attention on something or someone else.   Since spring is here, why not focus it on youth league baseball and softball?

The recreational season for both is upon us.  Hundreds of local children from age 3 up to age 12 and, in some cases, up to age 14, are playing ball, excitedly, on the many fields in our communities.  The leather gloves were dusted off around the first week of the month, while others, like my family, made the purchase of a new one–or two or three.  Hearing the leather pop when a ball is caught is music to many an ear, young or young at heart.

For many of us, the new season reminds us of some of the best times in our lives and of some of the lessons we learned in between the foul lines of our youths.  Back then, ball was what kept our attention for nearly the entire year.  And, we ate it up.

Many in this generation of children will miss out on the total excitement that was felt by many in ours, thanks to technology.  These kids have much more to entertain them than we did.

Our coaches were a big influence on our lives, as well.  We looked up to them.  They not only taught us the game, but in many cases they were our rides to and from practice.  And, for the most part, they were solid examples of sportsmanship.

So, we salute the hundreds of local adults who will volunteer to serve as coaches, concession workers, members of foundation boards, groundskeepers, officials, public address announcers, scorekeepers and in other integral positions.  

The world will go on regardless of the decision of the Supreme Court.  And, thankfully, we will still have a ball.

Joe Buck Coates

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