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Plenty to do this summer

A few days ago, after my workday had ended, I walked into a local c-store and over-heard a couple of patrons there talking about how little there seemed to be to do around the community during the summertime.  Complaining, mostly.  These were younger people, probably in early 30’s.
“It just seemed like we had more to do back then,” one said to another.
“Yeah, what’s happened to Hazlehurst?” asked the other one.
Wanting to engage them, but not really knowing the two fellows, I paid for my drink, got into my truck and headed south hastily to ‘make the summer bus route’ – as I refer to the daily delivery and pickup of 7-year-old Grayson, but I digress.
Their conversation got me to thinking about my own ‘old days’.  Seemed like our generation always had something to do during the summers when school was out.  If nothing else, as we reached driving age, we burned up tank after tank of $.89/gallon of gas up and down Caldwell Drive, through TG&Y parking lot (anyone younger than 35 won’t know what that means) and back and forth to Crystal Springs to burn up more gas along Front Street and through the parking lots downtown like there was no tomorrow.
I have had  lots of trouble relating with today’s younger generation simply because I’m 41, now.  We have a teen in the house who has begun driving recently, and I am, however, getting a little better at realizing what they do, where they go and all that.  KK and I have been somewhat impressed with her that she seems to be keeping an eye on how far a tank of $3.00+ gasoline will take her before having to spend $50+ on the next full tank.
Back to the title of this column. . .Copiah County truly has lots to offer for ‘something to do’.  The Copiah County Farmers Market in Hazlehurst, open every Saturday, has opened, likewise in Crystal Springs and Wesson.  This weekend at HHS, former NFL players will be conducting football camp to coincide with a cheer camp.  Bible schools have been held all summer in local churches, and many are scheduled to come.  Summer league baseball and softball have mostly wound down, but a few teams are still playing.
Two marquis events are coming up. BBQ and Blue Jeans (Friday night) and the Tomato Festival (Saturday) are scheduled in Crystal Springs this weekend with plenty of family activities, good food and music and vendor booths.  First Baptist Church of Hazlehurst hosts its second annual Go4th on July 4th at Lake Hazle.  Plus, both events will have 5K run/walk races.
So, we have PLENTY to ‘do’ this summer.  It’s simply up to us to decide to leave the comfort of the a/c and spend a little time in the heat enjoying these events In fact, how can we fit it all in our schedule?
Joe Buck Coates

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