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Isaac was little more than expected, huh?

by Joe Buck Coates

The ‘little’ storm named Isaac threw us a sucker-punch last week, don’t you think?  What appeared to be a weak tropical, mostly rain storm, blew through here like a lion.  Those few windy days and nights that knocked out power to much of the county led to rattling of the nerves in more than a few homes and businesses in the area.  A Friday night football game–Brookhaven vs. Hazlehurst–was even postponed until Saturday because of Isaac.  Several other outdoor school contests were canceled, too.  Many businesses closed early Wednesday and were closed all day on Friday.  Schools were out Wednesday and Thursday.  I mean, what could one do?I did notice on more than one occasion that businesses had decided to stay open during the height of the storm on Thursday.  We did not.  Based on our experience, we decided to err on the side of the safety of our employees.  Plus, not many folks were out on the road, heeding the wishes of Copiah County Emergency Management officials.  Those businesses that remained open may or may not have had a ‘good day’, business-wise. We sure hope they did.
Of course the main thing is that by-and-large we are all safe.  We have lights.  We have water.  Our lives are returning to normal.  We still see a few utility-related trucks around from other states, and we appreciate their efforts very much.
Let’s remember our neighbors around us and south of us with our prayers.  Many in Louisiana and south Mississippi have a long road to get back to normal.  

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