Only statewide elected Democrat sees change

POISED FOR THE FUTURE – Attorney General Jim Hood told the local Democratic Party that standing for the Christian principles is the winning strategy for 2012. Pictured from left to right are Pastor Tommy Wheeler, Select Lowery, Pastor Victor Dixon, Chair, Delores Harper, AG Jim Hood, Ken Dale Sullivan, Vice-Chair, Shirley Jones, Dan Kitchens, Elise Munn: Back row are Bonnie L. Jackson, Larry Hood, Perry Hood, Treasurer, Attorney Jim Shannon, Minister Meredith Corley, Arthur Lee Evans, Valerie

By Bonnie L. Jackson
News Editor
Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, the only statewide elected Democrat, spoke to the Copiah County Democratic meeting last Thursday at the Fairgrounds in Gallman.
Hood made it clear that while he was a one-of-a-kind, he felt strongly that the immediate future will bring change that will reintroduce elected democrats back into the state and for the better.
“I am a Democrat because Democrats help poor, which is what I was taught in church,” stated AG Hood.
Self-described as a small town boy, Hood stated that he calls the balls and strikes as he  sees them.
Hood credited his 61 percent election rate to  the fact that “I make no bones about who I fight for and who I serve – those who can’t fight for themselves.”
“The problem today is that people forget history.  The republicans ran us in the ditch by catering to the wealthy.”
“The Bush administration debacle left us in a free fall. The Supreme Court with their Citizens United ruling is easily allowing corporations to take over our country.  They have used their “southern strategy since 1964 when LBJ, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, backed the voting rights act. Anyone making under $250,000 a year ought to vote Democratic which is the vast majority of Mississippians.”
Hood touched on many of the issues facing  our county, state and nation.  “The keep telling us that government is bad.  According to Romans 13, government has a hand in our lives,” he stated.
He used domestic violence to prove his point.  “The state was ranked 4th in the nation four years ago mostly instances where husbands killed their wives.  The ladies in our offices put in a lot f work on laws to address this issue. In four years, we have gone from 4th to now 22nd in the nation.”
“We know that domestic violence is not genetic it is learned. Kids see it then do it, he continued.
Young people and women are the future of the party.  “White men have not done to good. Once young people vote the first time they tend to continue to vote that way. Women know the issues facing their children.  They are concerned about cyber crimes and bullying on the internet. The President is right to focus on the women,” Hood charged.
“The military personnel are coming back many have made great sacrifices They need support to retrain and retool for re-entry back into work world.
Hood encouraged the crowd, “To continue to speak to the values found in the Bible and we will win on the state and national level.”
The CCDP also paid tribute to the life and work of Rev. Charles Burton who passed away September 7.
Rev. Burton was hailed as a life-long Democrat because he believed that we are our brothers keepers.
“Rev. Burton was a wonderful man, great gardener who oversaw the building of many churches. He was a member of the Democrat Party because Dems help poor people,” continued Kitchens.  

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