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Zimmerman named Cattleman of the Year

In 1946, Mr. Sammy Caldwell started the Caldwell Hereford Ranch with 500 mama cows. He started the ranch on a cotton farm. He was so resourceful the trees he cut were used to build the barn on the ranch. The ranch has one of the oldest herds in the state. In the 70’s, the Caldwell’s sold most of their herd, but were still in operation.
In the last couple of years, Ms. Ann Zimmerman with the help of her sons has grown the ranch to 30 mama cows. Her goal is to have 50 mama cows. The herd contains both horned and polled Herefords. She believes in keeping a close eye on her herd, especially EPD’s. She has every day interaction with her herd. She maintains her 200 acre farm with an electric and cross fences surrounding it.
The main income of the farm comes from selling of the bulls that are breed from her Hereford’s. Her Herefords are of the highest quality, and because of this her ranch carries a Gold Seal Award in the Hereford Association.

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