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Kellum receives Lymphatic Therapy Certification

King’s Daughters Therapy Center and the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy  are pleased to announce that Megan Kellum successfully complete the certification process to become a Certified Lymphatic Therapist. Kellum has exemplified competency and proficiency in the techniques of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).
KDMC Director of Therapy Services, Christi Mills said “We are very pleased with the certification that Megan has achieved.  Megan is well respected in the field of therapy for her knowledge and skill.With this additional certification she will be able to meet the therapy needs of those in our community that require this specialized type of care.
Megan Kellum is a 1996 graduate of Wesson Attendance Center where she was Valedictorian and a 1998 Copiah-Lincoln graduate. Kellum received her B.S. in therapy from the University of Mississippi Medical Center and joined the team at King’s Daughters Therapy Center in 2000.
Congratulations to Megan Kellum, PT, CLT.

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