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VA offers Foster Home Medical Program

Veterans Administration (VA) Foster Home Program is a long term care living option for Veterans who can no longer safely live alone, and prefer not to live in a nursing home.
How does the service work?
Medical Foster Homes work by matching a Veteran who would like to live with a caregiver or family.  The caregiver and family must be approved by the VA first.
The Veterans also receives: daily support and assistance from the care giver, VA Home Based Medical Care, visits from the Medical Foster Home Coordinator at least one time a month, and assistance with questions about MFH and other services.
Who can live in a medical foster home?
Veterans who meet the following criteria are allowed to live in medical foster homes: a veteran who is enrolled in the Jackson VA Healthcare system, a veteran who is accepted into VA’s Home Based Primary Care, a disabled veteran with a chronic disease or terminal illness, a veteran that would benefit from assistance with daily activities or personal care, a veteran that is unable to live at home due physical or mental illness, a veteran that would otherwise have to live in a nursing home or a veteran that is unable to pay for a VA approved VA Foster Home.
What does the home provide?
The home provides long term care and support, family environment, privacy and dignity, access to community activities and programs. It also offers transportation, maintain old relationships while establishing new ones, save income that may otherwise go towards a nursing home and more individual attention that may not be provided in a nursing home.
Veterans may visit the home before making a decision to be placed there. Trial visits can be arranged for a few hours.
The MFH staff takes great care in matching the veteran with the caregiver.
When selecting a home veterans need to consider the following: common interests, location of the home, physical access to the home such as wheelchair ramps and side rails, positive results of trial visits and agreement of both parties.
Medical Foster Homes are a private pay option for veterans.
The monthly fee includes: room and board, 24-hour assistance, meals, transportation, laundry, and social activities and personal care needs.
The monthly cost is often more affordable than paying privately for nursing home care.
The financial agreement between the Veteran and the caregiver is done to prior to placement in a MFH.
For more information please contact: Yolanda R. Davis, LCSW, Medical Foster Home Program Coordinator at 800-949-1009, ext. 5036, 6213; e-mail address; or Lori Love, LPN MFH-PSA at (601) 362-4471, ext. 6213.

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