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Ok, so what is ‘terrorism’?

By Joe B. Coates, publisher

I have yet to hear President Obama call the bombings that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, ‘terrorism’.  I’ve heard him say it was a “crime”.
I’ve also noticed that the main stream media is dancing around the chase that led to the capture of the two Chechen Muslim suspects, its members doing their best not to call the two alleged criminals ‘terrorists.’
Okay, so three innocent bystanders are killed–including an innocent 8 year-old boy–and 180 innocents are maimed or otherwise wounded in the explosion.  The uninjured left the scene with horrified looks on their faces.  People were screaming and running scared.
When my family and I went to Disney World–we’ve been twice in the past 10 years–each time we rode what’s called the “Tower of Terror”– a ride that should be outlawed.  They tempt you into getting in this little cart with about 10 other people, send you out on this ride through The Twilight Zone and then pause for a few seconds.  After that pause, you are dropped straight down from 100 feet in the air in your little cart, then catapulted back up with as much speed and power.  This goes on for a few seconds as everyone screams and clings for dear life to the little lap bar that “holds you in your seat”, before you finally settle back on Earth.   When you get off, the ‘terror’ on your face is very recognizable by others walking through the park.
That ‘terror’ on the faces of those that get off that ride is nothing compared to the real terror that was profoundly evident on the faces of those around the finish line when the bomb exploded.
 Then, Boston police and other law enforcement agencies descended upon Watertown, MA, shutting it down for 24 hours last Thursday-Friday, while killing one of the suspected bombers and catching the other.   The two suspects allegedly shot at and lobbed grenades and homemade bombs at law enforcement while riding through neighborhoods in the Boston area and killed a security officer at MIT in the process.
So, let’s see what we have: bombs exploding in a public place, killing and maiming unsuspecting innocent victims; a police chase during which families were forced to stay–probably in sheer terror– in their homes and businesses were forced to shut down for a day until the suspects were caught; more bombs during the chase, an ambush of a police officer, a kidnapping and carjacking, a shootout with cops and suspect who was allegedly finished off when his younger brother ran him over in a stolen SUV.
Gee, it sounds like terrorism, and the suspects seem to be terrorists to me, Mr. President.  Be a leader tell the truth to the American public.  Maybe the members of the mainstream media will follow suit.

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