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Rockin’ Railroad This Weekend!!


By the time Saturday arrives and the Rockin’ Trail Run has concluded and the Rockin’ Railroad Festival kicks off, those who have worked hard to plan the event will be on the ‘downhill slide’. I’ve been there.

For three years as chairman of the festival, I was on the front line of the planning, which includes recruiting committee members, soliciting sponsorships, meeting at odd hours, sending hundreds of emails, making as many phone calls and so on. I was fortunate to work with some other dedicated individuals, and together, we all shared the same vision of how to create Rockin’ Railroad and how to make it survive past 3 years.

Make no mistake, this year’s festival will be one to remember.  The Chamber Board of Directors and several others from the community have worked very hard to see that it will be.  The entertainment line-up is first class and more vendors than in the previous year have signed up.  City workers, too, have put a shine on the downtown area that signals the festival is just around the corner.

To many of us, Saturdays in the fall mean football, hunting, fishing and catching up on honey-do’s.  From the female’s side, they might mean shopping, buying groceries and all the other stuff women like to do.  One Saturday out of 20 this fall is set aside for this festival.  And, speaking from experience, the organizers and planners of Rockin’ Railroad do it for the community, not for themselves.  Rockin’ Railroad is for you.  The weather forecast calls for a perfect day.  Food and arts and crafts vendors will be there to enhance your visit.  You can vote on classic bikes and cars and artwork created by school children.  You can sit in the sun, or shade, and listen to great music–all kinds!–performed by awesome musicians.  You can try your hand at some of the amusements in the Kid Zone or watch the children smile while they enjoy the games and the ‘big jumpy things’. 

A great time is waiting for you in Hazlehurst on Saturday.  So, come join your neighbors and friends in downtown Hazlehurst this Saturday for a great time.

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