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Lets’ work to avoid Halloween tragedy

Ghosts, goblins, superheroes, princesses, pirates, army men, nurses and just about any other costume one can think of will be donned by area children over the next few days while celebrating Halloween.  The official celebration is next Thursday, October 31, but several events in the area will mark the occasion over the coming days, including Trunk-or-treats, parties, fall festivals and even some early trick-or-treating.

Back in the day my brother and I dressed up as several different ‘characters’ over the years–army men, baseball players, ghosts and the like.  Mom and Dad would drive us to Hazlehurst, and we’d trick-or-treat in neighborhoods on Gallatin Street, Extension Street, Green Street and make the rounds to relative’s houses in the country–places that we knew, you know.  Usually in town we’d hook up with some friends and go in a big group–with each of us wearing costumes.  Around dark, we’d shut it down and head home, counting all the pieces of candy and comparing our loot.

I guess when we were around 11 or 12, trick-or-treating came to an end as wearing costumes became uncool, sort of.  Somehow we’d still have a bunch of candy after subsequent Halloweens, just didn’t have to work as hard for it.

I can’t recall a time that we ever felt unsafe during Halloween.  Back then, our parents followed us in the car while we strode from door to door.  The streets, too, didn’t seem as busy on a nightly basis as some of them are in today’s world.

We practice the same safe procedures as our parents did, with our own children.   But, gosh, the number of vehicles in the road has multiplied since the early ‘80s.  So, we keep a close eye on them at all times.

We encourage you and your family to adhere to all safety rules and, mainly just use common sense again this Halloween.  So far as I know, no bad accidents have happened in our communities involving children being injured by vehicles. Stay with your children and see that they get to enjoy their Halloween loot again.

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