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Smithsonian’s “The Way We Worked” coming to Co-Lin

Copiah-Lincoln Community College has been chosen as one of six communities in the state to hos a Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit.  The college’s president, Dr. Ronnie Nettles,  and Pam Reid, the Division Chair for Humanities, spoke about the exhibit to the Wesson Board of Aldermen at their meeting on Tuesday night.

“This is a big deal.  Usually when you think of the Smithsonian, you think of Washington, D. C., where the museum is located.  So, we are very fortunate to host a little piece of that,” Nettles explained.

The exhibit is entitled “The Way We Worked” and celebrates the past 150 years of the American worker.  The event will be held at the Mutton Gallery inside the Mutton Building on campus from April 3 to May 9, 2014.  

“Every one of us works.  Our parents and grandparents worked.  So, this has an appeal to everyone,” Reid said.

Audio and video presentations will accompany the photographic exhibit.  A cell phone tour is even planned, Reid explained.

No admission will be charged, and several groups have already booked to tour the special display.

“We have most Copiah County school children scheduled for a tour,” Reid said.
Both Reid and Nettles said that Co-Lin is seeking participation from the community, not just to assist with the exhibit, but also to create one of Wesson’s own.  “As part of this, we must create a local exhibit, which shouldn’t be difficult because Wesson has such a rich history around the mills, area dairy and grain farms, the newly renovated old school and the college,” Reid added.
Nettles suggested that a group might want to create a walking or driving historical tour of the town to tie in with the Smithsonian exhibit.  He also encouraged participation through historical perspectives.

“Wesson’s history is one of hard work and drive, and the people here are a proud lot because of it.  We encourage participation through the loaning of artifacts, photos, old newspapers and the like for the local exhibit,” Nettles added.  All of that is needed by the first of the year, Reid added.
The board had a few questions regarding logistics of the exhibit and were highly supportive of Dr. Nettles, Mrs. Reid and others who will be working directly on preparing the community for the exhibit.

Dr. Nettles responded, “I want to thank the town for all you do for our city and for Co-Lin.”
For more information, contact Reid at 601-643-8442 or send email to

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